About Us

Below you will find links to many of our recent events. We hope you enjoy viewing our recorded sessions.

Many leaders from law enforcement and our community met in a forum to discuss drug addiction and the affects in our community. June 2013

Health care and transportation are two of the challenges facing many area residents. In September 2013 C3 gathered both community leaders and residents to help spur collaboration.


C3 gathered key area leaders in December, 2013, to discuss the opportunities, and challenges, facing the West Chester-Liberty community. Three years later, the thoughts seem strikingly prescient.

In April 2014 high school students, and adults who work with young people, gathered for a fascinating discussion about growing up in today’s world. Drug abuse, social media and peer pressure were just some of the subjects they talked about.


Both hunger and homelessness are real in West Chester and Liberty townships, despite the overall level of affluence. In September, 2014 C3 held a community discussion to ask what can be done to help.


C3 and Miami University Voice of America Learning Center team up to honor veterans of America’s Armed Forces, in November 2015. Local high school students provided stirring music for the event

Thousands of people and families in West Chester-Liberty are affected by mental health issues. Finding help was the focus of a program presented by C3 in May 2015